10 Tools to Level up the Productivity and Success of your Social Media Marketing

10 Tools to Level up the Productivity and Success of your Social Media Marketing

Time to step up your business’ marketing game! Developing your social media marketing strategy is the key to optimizing your productivity. Using the best tools for this is your only option.

How can successful social media marketing boost your business’ productivity?

  • This will help grow your business.
  • It promotes more personal client engagement.
  • It helps you understand your target market needs.
  • Productive social media marketing helps to efficiently convert leads to sales.
  • It helps broaden your audience/target market reach.

Now, with these great business benefits in mind, you may think: So how do I level up the productivity and success of my social media marketing? The answer would be – The right social media marketing tools.

Managing and improving your posts could be very stressful and challenging, but with the correct tools, it would become easy for you to handle and manage them.

Below are the tools to help you level up your social media marketing.

1. Generate wonderful designs and organized documents with Canva

Key benefits of Canva

  • You can effortlessly customize your page with its drag-and-drop feature.
  • It contains advanced and neat layouts to create beautiful designs with amazing graphics.

Customers are attracted to your site or page you operate when it contains unique, aesthetically pleasing design and organized documents. Canva has a lot of professionally-made templates and images you can choose from to design your page.

Nowadays, it is really important to include visuals in your social media marketing. It is proven that posts that have visual content gain more engagement and success. Thankfully, Canva is here to provide them.

2. Create informative and interesting videos with Biteable

Key benefits of Biteable

  • A functional tool that helps you create professionally-made videos to share with others.
  • Very easy to use and understand.
  • Advanced features are accessible even if you’re using a free account.

Biteable has a lot of unique video templates, music, and animations to give you the best visual contents. Posts that contain visual content attract an audience; plain texts are becoming stale nowadays.

Creating advertisements could be hard and challenging because you’ll need to make sure that it will attract the audience, but with Biteable, you can effortlessly create advertisements that can surely capture clients and can easily dominate competitors.

3. Handle all your social accounts under one login with Hootsuite

Key benefits of Hootsuite

  • You can easily assign tasks and arrange a social media calendar.
  • It helps you to consistently communicate with your prospective clients.

Hootsuite’s main role is to help you effectively capture your audience quickly. This useful tool will provide huge assistance to your business as it can help you manage your social accounts for more than 35 global networks. You can have all of your posts monitored and scheduled.

It also has a functional feature where you can assess your performance and identify your influencers, It can also help you recognize the best time to post, so you can easily capture your audience.

4. Get niche contents with Feedly

Key benefits of Feedly

  • It helps you get the best and most popular content.
  • It helps you privately organize your favorite publications and search the trends based on your interest.
  • It has a simple design yet functional interface.

Feedly can always support your social media marketing efforts and strategies by providing you the best content available for you to get many followers and customers. This reliable and fast app will surely keep you updated.

5. Level up our blog’s success with Missinglettr

Key benefits of Missinglettr

  • Helps you drive more traffic to your blog
  • Gives you a lot of engaging content in just a few minutes
  • Automatically discovers new blog posts

Manually editing your posts and reposting your content could be hard and time-wasting. However, Missinglettr helps you analyze your content and spontaneously creates a set of social media posts with quotes, images, and hashtags. It also provides good templates for creating content and processing client approvals.

With the huge assistance of this tool, you can have more time in finishing your major tasks such as writing lengthy blog posts, because Missinglettr will surely take care of the other tasks like promoting and scheduling your posts

6. Start gaining popularity with Buffer

Key benefits of Buffer

  • Amazingly shares your posts and other content at the best schedule.
  • Tracks the performance of your shared content.
  • A very time-saving app.

If you manage different social media accounts, then using Buffer could be a reliable partner. You can use this tool to easily schedule your posts to gain more prospective clients and drive more engagement with your subscribers.

Furthermore, it has a feature where you can see information containing the number of clicks, retweets, favorites, likes, views, and mentions that each post contains. This tool also helps in shortening your shared links automatically.

7. Enjoy the organized and intuitive interface of SproutSocial

Key benefits of SproutSocial

  • Easily connects with any social media platform.
  • A feature called Smart Inbox instantly collects your entire social messages in one place.
  • It helps you become more strategic with its advanced social data and functional dashboards.

In order to systematically manage your social media accounts, you need to use a very organized tool. Fortunately, SproutSocial contains a very organized and adaptable interface.

Your communication with your clients will always be easy and quick with this tool and you can easily connect and engage with them. Your internal data such as your reply time or the number of message replies will all be recorded and tracked.

With SproutSocial, it is also possible for you to schedule all of your social media posts with no hassle.

8. Effectively promote your content with BuzzSumo

Key benefits of BuzzSumo

  • It helps you understand what your competitors are doing.
  • A very powerful research tool that updates you on the status of your shared content.
  • It helps you find the most shared posts and the most trending topics on Social Media.

To highly improve your marketing skills and strategy, you’ll need a great research tool that quickly analyzes even billions of data, and that is what BuzzSumo is all about. This research tool can help you find high-performing content so you can gain likes, shares, and followers. To become more successful in your business, BuzzSumo can help you identify those influencers that can level up your campaign advertisements.

Other than its researching abilities, this tool can also help you get alerts according to keywords, links, or domain. It helps you to easily track and monitor the comments on your social media posts so you can quickly interact with your followers and gain opportunities.

9. Make engaging videos with Magisto

Key benefits of Magisto

  • It helps you professionally edit and build business videos
  • It has an A.I engine that amazingly selects the best parts of your video and instantly applies advanced video editing approach

Magisto is a very useful and professional tool that will definitely give you engaging marketing videos and gather a lot of followers. It’s very time-saving because all you have to do is collect all your chosen photos or videos, choose your style and background music, and this tool will automatically create your project.

Distributing the finished videos is very simple as they are enhanced and ready for email and social media marketing, advertisements, and other marketing platforms.

10. Consistently publish your content with CoSchedule

Key benefits of CoSchedule

  • A drag-and-drop calendar feature helps you to easily schedule all of your projects without any hassle
  • Maintains the neatness of your content calendar and organizes your content effectively

CoSchedule is a beneficial tool that will help you share your content in your social accounts automatically. This tool will keep your blog advertised and fresh and it also keeps the traffic from driving to your page or site.

It has a feature called “Task Templates’ where you can use checklists to assign tasks and to effectively manage your team members.

Moreover, CoSchedule gives you an idea about your popularity and the amount of shares by providing you an accurate summary.

11. Control and monitor your social media activities at once with Rignite

Key benefits of Rignite

  • Helps you to effectively control and monitor your activities in social media without any hassle and inconvenience.
  • Allows you to monitor multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and many more.
  • Chatting and working together with other social media teams can be possibly done inside Rignite.
  • You can schedule social media posts by simply composing and posting to different social media profiles at once using the feature “Schedule Profile Groups.”

Its best feature is what they call the Rignite’s Campaigns feature. With this one, it can be possible to set up a new campaign to have your email list increased and get your series of posts scheduled. You can also use this to run some giveaways or contests for your followers or endorse a discount. Once a campaign is set, it will run automatically. Also, with the help of this feature, you can easily know if something’s not working properly.

12. Focus on more important things and let Mention finish the other tasks

Key benefits of Mention

  • Quickly alerts you for social media updates
  • Allows you to react instantly to posts or comments.
  • Helps you to easily work with other people.
  • Monitors all of your social media accounts and analyzes your social media presence.

Mention is a good substitute for Google Alerts, but the reported amount of results given by Mention is much higher than Google Alerts.

It is also a great social listening tool that can really help you enhance your marketing strategy by basing on the insights and topics of your audience.

Though it is a great monitoring app that could effectively monitor Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Web, and News, the greatest asset of this app is its system of reporting. The reports are quickly automated so it will surely bring you convenience and practicality as it helps you to share the results with your clients and teammates without manually managing it.

Using the right social media marketing tools helps you maintain your main focus

If your business is already tough and your social media marketing is going to be tough too, you will definitely get stressed and pressured. However, by using these helpful and functional tools, you will definitely have more time and focus on other major business tasks and you will become more productive.


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