$ 450 Monthly
  • Up to 2 social media platforms
  • 3 posts / week / platform
  • 1 small (450-550 words) article/blog/month


$ 650 Monthly
  • Up to 3 social media platforms
  • 5 posts / week / platform
  • 2 small (450-550 words) articles/month or 1 long blog/article


$ 850 Monthly
  • Up to 4 social media platforms
  • 10 posts / week / platform
  • 2 small blogs/articles & 2 long blog/article(750-1000 words) / month

Do you fall into one of the following camps?

  • No social (…you’re starting at Ground Zero!)
  • No time (…to post consistently or engage with followers)
  • No clue (…what to post, or how often)

…or maybe you’re all three.

We get it. Most business owners don’t have the time (or the energy!) to devote to the care or ongoing maintenance of their social media.

And, honestly, where is your time better spent? Creating a social strategy through trial and error, or getting more clients and sales?

One of the common misconceptions about social media is that you can “set it and forget it.”

The truth is, creating your content calendar is just the beginning. This is when the real work begins. Clever brands keep an eye on their posts to determine how their content is resonating with their audience. Clever brands engage with their followers to promote organic growth. And clever brands constantly tweak their approach and their content in response to what’s working and what isn’t.

Social media is a long game. Committing halfway is the same (or worse!) as having no social media at all. But we can guarantee that it will quickly deplete your time and energy, with little results to show for your efforts.

We’ve already built the road map.

This is what a comprehensive done-for-you social media package looks like:

  • Intense research to understand your target audience and how best to reach them
  • A robust content calendar to increase brand awareness and provide value to your audience
  • Building relationships with followers through consistent engagement
  • Comprehensive monthly reports to unpack the data and inform strategy

When you talk passionately about your brand and the future of your business, we listen. We’ll meet you halfway with a strategic content plan to support your social media goals and grow the kind of following that converts.

Get in touch to speak with our team about our Social Media Management packages and what’s best for your business.

All plans are for existing platforms and include:

  • Initial consultation
  • Custom social media profile page/upload images/logo
  • Management of up to # social media platforms
  • Creation/Selection of design elements or stock images to showcase your product, brand, or service
  • Social media profile optimization/initiate link building campaign
  • Continuous monitoring of social media profile/customer inquiries and relations
  • Weekly social media content calendars that include carefully curated and original content and are approved by your team
  • Unique content created specifically for your business
  • No fake followers or bots – we drive organic growth
  • Ongoing promotion of your company’s products and services
  • Engaging with your customers and building relationships and brand awareness is our main goal when managing your profile, and that inevitably leads to increased business, daily engagement
  • Extensive hashtag research
  • Register and manage local listing with directories and secondary profiles (Ex: Yelp, Google Maps, Google My Business)
  • Monthly reporting/tracking of all profiles

*3 MONTH MINIMUM COMMITMENT / ** A set-up fee will be charged for new platform creation

Looking for grow your business?